Top 10 Free Press Release Submission Sites List

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Free Press Release Submission Sites List 2016 – Being a business leader, you must be concerned about a good communication way to popularize your products and services. Well, Press releases are really good for having long lasting public relations. Most leading brands consider them as their first mode of communication. With the help of the below given Top 10 Press Release Sites List you can easily approach many impactful sites in this business. Certainly, Press releases can boost interest of local and international journalists in your interview for some article or for writing one in depth article regarding some subject around your product or services.

Press Release Submission Sites List


How to utilize this press release sites list

As an owner of a business, you will be finding this question really challenging; how should I distribute news releases about my product or service. Well, some business owner loves to browse media directories to make their own list of media sources and freelance journalists. Larger businesses usually prefer to appoint some renowned distribution services for their news releases. It is a fact that many business leaders love to be with the paid-services in this sort of task. Considering their service charges, we can say that it is not easy for small businesses to appoint one such news distribution service. Thus, most small businesses love use of one free and effective online distribution service for their press releases. To assist those small businesses, we have created this Press Release Submission Sites List which has smartly ranked distribution services. When we named this list making as smartly filtered one, we really mean it. This list has been created on the basis of their page rank as per Google and also as per their traffic rank as per Alexa.  We all understand that the ranks given by Google matters a lot and Alexa rank is the perfect measure of current traffic on any website. Hence, this list will be really worthy for all small business owners. We can say that it has two core benefits for you. You will notice that your press release has been really distributed without taking any charge and it will also be really helpful in terms of SEO.

Importance of this press release sites list in terms of SEO

There is no doubt that amount of benefit in terms of SEO from such press release distribution sites is not that much as revised algorithms has diminished their advantages. Google was noticing that marketers are using these PR sites in a huge way for getting back-links. To control such spamming based tactics, Google has already updated their SERP algorithm. Hence, free PR sites will not yield in a big way. Now, links in any press releases over free PR sites will be of no follow nature. Other than this, their excessive amount can ruin your website’s ranking too. Google recommends that businesses should use them to gain only media attention. They should not be used for SEO advantages. According to them, this can be counted in Black hat level of optimization and serious business owner should avoid such tactics of search engine optimization.

But, we have noticed that these links boosts your traffic and higher traffic always yields in the SEO benefit. Of course, core purpose behind any press release is having proper distribution of legitimate news and one business should respect it. Likewise, you can use both paid as well as free PR sites in your marketing strategy. Try one paid PR service along with some of these listed below in this Press Release Submission Sites List. If you are looking for an SEO benefit as well as proper news distribution then you should transmit your releases to conventional news-organizations along with search engines.

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Track your PR releases and measure results

Certainly, paid service will be specific as per your budget. We can’t make a good list for all businesses. Small businesses always have some sorts of limitations. You need to judge it on your own. We just want to convey one simple message here in this section of this post that whether you are using free service or payment based service, you should be tracking your results with one media-monitoring service. Well, this one is really a crucial-part of public-relations for any size of business. Usually, all renowned paid services offer regular reports of their placements about all of your press releases. In case of free service, many of such placements can be really difficult to judge with any manual method. By following your press release and proper measurement of your reach, you will be actually judging your strategy regarding public-relations. It will be directly helpful in enabling your marketing team to gauge effectiveness of given efforts. Other than this, it will also let you to understand reader sentiment regarding your distributed press releases.

All these factors are pretty important for the sale improvement strategies and your PR activities. We will recommend that in really loud words that one business leader should focus on all these points.

Remember this before starting work over this press release sites list

This list of free services in press-release distribution business can truly help you in guiding your PR and SEO strategies. Based on our learning after using several PR sites, we’ve created this Press Release Submission Sites List. Our experience tells us that this list of sites is really impactful. Not just we, many of other webmasters have benefited from the use of this website. After having benefit from this list, we thought about sharing this list with all of you. With the help of this list of press release sites, you can also approach many impactful sites in this business of news distribution. And, this can be really beneficial for your PR strategy and SEO plans for the website of your business. As these are offering free service, therefore, all these sites in this list will give you better returns. Certainly, this is beneficial for your business. We would recommend you to start working on this list as soon as possible.

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