List Of Telemarketing Companies In India

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Telemarketing Companies – E-commerce is spreading its wings on a speedy rate. Customers are increasingly conscious of preferred product’s features well before its purchase. With the growing demand, every year one new telemarketing company is coming for offering their services. Well, this has also bounded existing companies to offer better solutions for their daily customers and higher quality of offered services. Among all these telemarketing companies, following top 10 telemarketing companies in India are having the bigger part of this business. To enable digital journey of their customers in a more prominent way, every other business is now taking assistance of these companies.

Top 10 Telemarketing Companies In India


Tata consultancy Services Company is the full name of TCS and this company is having their presence in Telemarketing sector from last eight years. TCS is having over 150 centers in India and abroad. All the metro cities of India are having one TCS center. TCS has emerged as a pioneer in this sector. This company has quite a lot of awards. Their ongoing projects are having several business houses as their partner. Not just private sector, TCS has several government projects too. Thus, this company really deserves place number one in this list.

Wipro BPO

Wipro has a decent reputation in several fields. Wipro BPO really deserves second position in this list. In more than ten countries, this telemarketing company is serving remarkably well from last ten years. Wipro BPO was started in 2002 and this has been part of several renowned projects of Indian government. Wipro BPO has earned a well-known name in this sector. A number of renowned brands are having customer-care services with Wipro BPO and this company is offering remarkable services to them.


Next name in this list of top 10 telemarketing companies in India is of Genpact. Genpact was started in India as one process of GE capital in 1997. We are having this company in the list of top 10, because of their high level of quality in all offered services. They are having 30 centers with thousands of expert employees. This company has several business excellence awards from many renowned Indian groups for the quality of work.

Aegis BPO Services Limited

With the support of over 40,000 employees, this company is having a decent place in the list of prominent telemarketing companies. This company has its presence in 43 cities in nine countries. Their steady growth and gradually improved quality in every financial year have been the reasons behind this position. Their team is having experience of projects from over 100 clients across different business sectors. Well, this company, Aegis BPO Services has a good chance to be the number one company in this sector.

WNS Global Services

By having worldwide presence, WNS Global Services is a promising telemarketing network. It has offices in several countries all around the world. This company has projects in several sectors. WNS has exposure of serving quality work in diverse sectors. This company’s power to facilitate their clients to smash market-conditions stems from their key differentiators in specific domain, technology and client-centric approach.

FirstSource Solutions

In this list of top 10 telemarketing companies in India, FirstSource Solutions also deserves a place. This company is one emerging telemarketing company and it has a decent growth-rate. Well, they are having regular 10% improvement to last financial-year. Focus on Banking Services, Telecommunications, Insurance, Publishing and Healthcare sectors has enabled this company to extend benefits for their clients. With the strength of over 20,000 employees, this telemarketing company is growing every year and also grabbing good projects from world-wide know business houses.

IBM Daksh

IBM Daksh is next in this list and certainly, not less than any of the above shared companies. With the rapidly growing impact in Indian market, IBM Daksh is also emerging in the International business platform. They are having a quite reasonable presence in India by having offices in four prominent cities of India. Several renowned brands are having their customer care services with this company and this telemarketing company is offering quality services to their clients.

Aditya Birla Minacs

Well, you have noticed this company’s name on 8th position in this list of top 10 telemarketing companies in India. We have noticed that Aditya Birla Minacs is growing with a decent speed. Over 12,000 employees and presence in several Indian cities, this initiative by Aditya Birla Group is growing by gaining projects in private as well as public sector.

Infosys BPO

Infosys BPO got its place on the 9th number in this list. Well, Infosys is a world-famous brand in software, but their BPO part is gleaming in a slow pace. It is having presence since 2002. And, this company is far better than several known names in this category of telemarketing category. Still, we found that eight other companies have performed far better within the same period or even in less time.

Accenture India

Accenture is the brand having their remarkable presence in the world of software. But, this company is also growing in the category of telemarketing. Accenture has offices in more than ten cities of India. With a big sized team, they are having several projects from international brands. In our list of top 10 telemarketing companies in India, Accenture India is on the last position.

We have created this list after analyzing released reports, online-presence and reviews posted by their clients. Well, this list can be helpful to many of our readers. In case, you are a business leader and looking for a good telemarketing company then all these having several offered services, please contact. Many of these telemarketing companies are growing every year and also grabbing mega projects from known business houses. In case, you are looking for a career in this business sector then go with your resume to these companies. All these top 10 telemarketing companies in India are having superb growth rate! Perhaps, you may find on-going recruitment in them. Give yourself a chance!

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