Top 10 Event Management Companies In Mumbai

Event Management Companies In Mumbai- Top 5 Event management has now become famous within metropolitans. Yes, needs of event organizers for corporate meetings and personal functions have really raised in a city like Mumbai Delhi and Other City.

One Best Event Management Company can really offer a tension-free wedding party and even birthday-parties , Conference . Considering this, we have created a Best list of top 10 event management companies in Mumbai.

We want to give you a list of great top 10 event management companies in Mumbai options that can be really helpful in organizing one memorable event In Mumbai .

While organizing for the upcoming event, one should not under-estimate the importance of an event organizer. That person can help you in a big way by giving you ultimate comfort in enjoying those happy moments. All such companies can do this professionally as we have created this list of top ten event organizers after assessing their capabilities. Indeed, their teams are capable of fulfilling your needs. And, you can fully trust them for a great event.

You can search over internet and collect a big-size list of existing event management companies In Mumbai . But, you will not be able to judge their professionalism and best option . You will not be able to get the perfect one relevant to your kind of party. Thus, you will be in confusion. After reading this post, you will get a brief about these top event management companies in Mumbai and it will help you in having the perfect one to organize your kind of party.

All of them are capable of handling a good-sized party. You will notice that you are not facing any sorts of hassles about managing thing in your event or party. This is a fact that regular office staff or family can’t handle all the tasks. You need one professional approach in finalizing things in a great way. Role of such agency is vital in case of a good-sized crowd. After all, you just want a perfect organization and these companies are proficient enough in organizing events in a well-manner.

If you are looking for the perfect Event Management Company then you should read our whole post. These companies have worked well for many renowned businessmen for their big parties. You can get one appointed for your upcoming event and get the real benefit of this top 10 event management companies in Mumbai list.

This Mumbai city has many event management companies. To have your work done with full responsibility, you need a decent capability to judge the best one. Every year, few new event management companies are coming in field. Their offered services can be really good for weddings, but they might not handle corporate-level events or product launches. You need a proper classification based on their efficiency level, rates and customer satisfaction. Thus, a list of top 10 event management companies in Mumbai will be really helpful for you. We have smartly selected them in our list and you can trust them because of their abilities.

Top 10 Event Management Companies In Mumbai

Remember, one good selection works well for reducing hassles in your event. We have named this list as a top 10 event management companies in Mumbai because these companies have gained higher customer-satisfaction level among all existing event management companies in Mumbai. You should simply approach to one out of this list to have superb event.

Here is our list of top 10 Event COMPANY :

Percept Limited

Percept Limited is best top 10 event management companies in mumbai Percept Limited has global presence and effectively running in over sixty countries. As they are having international exposure in organizing events for media houses, entertainment giants and advertisement companies, we have included them in this list. This event organizer has worked with many national as well as international brands.

Travel Corporation India Ltd

TCI has been pioneer in organizing tour events. With over 20 offices around the world, Travel Corporation India Ltd has a successful experience in offering destination business services.

Platinum World Group

Platinum is a renowned media house and this company has twelve years experience in Top 10 Event event management companies In Mumbai . Not just in Mumbai, Platinum World Group can offer services internationally too. With a really strong hold in wedding management, this team has remarkable capability of organizing corporate events too.

Seventy Event Media Group

When we are sharing about top 10 event management companies in mumbai , then presence of Seventy Event Media Group in Mumbai can’t be overlooked. This organization has successfully organized several high-profile events. Crowd of Mumbai can’t be easily controlled and one should approach this event organizer for having such event. Well, this company is also operating in many cities of India. Their experience is really big and they do have presence in several other countries.

Dreamz Events N Ideas

Dreamz Events N Ideas exclusively work for wedding parties. This company has been a first choice of many corporate houses too for their events in Mumbai. Big brands like Mercedez benz, Blue Star, Pidilite, Mahindra, Big Bazzar and many more have taken services of this company. Dreamz Events N Ideas is best top 10 event management companies in mumbai .

Sync Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

With more than twelve years experience, Sync Entertainments is another option for you. This versatile event-organizer has experience of organizing all sorts of events including party, fashion show, corporate-events and wedding management.

Brandish Media & Entertainment

Brandish in Mumbai needs no push. Their expertise level has been visible to all in form of many events. Brandish Media & Entertainment offers services including promotion, TV commercial, live-event and corporate functions.


Tafcon is one event organizer which has expertise in industrial exhibitions, conference management and product promotions. In case, you are planning for such an event then this event management company can be a perfect one, especially in Mumbai.

Event Plus Management Pvt. Ltd.

Event Plus Management has good experience in event organization. They have successfully organized shows in Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai too. Certainly, this company deserves a place in top 10 event management companies in Mumbai.

Sound Spirit

This event organizer is working from last ten years and has specialization in organizing concerts, product-promotion events and live shows.

Certainly, all these are far better than several others. You need to chose one suitable for your kind of event!

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