Top 10 Event Management Companies In Mumbai

Event Management Companies In Mumbai- Top 5 Event management has now become famous within metropolitans. Yes, needs of event organizers for corporate meetings and personal functions have really raised in a city like Mumbai Delhi and Other City.

One Best Event Management Company can really offer a tension-free wedding party and even birthday-parties , Conference . Considering this, we have created a Best list of top 10 event management companies in Mumbai.

We want to give you a list of great top 10 event management companies in Mumbai options that can be really helpful in organizing one memorable event In Mumbai .

While organizing for the upcoming event, one should not under-estimate the importance of an event organizer. That person can help you in a big way by giving you ultimate comfort in enjoying those happy moments. All such companies can do this professionally as we have created this list of top ten event organizers after assessing their capabilities. Indeed, their teams are capable of fulfilling your needs. And, you can fully trust them for a great event.

You can search over internet and collect a big-size list of existing event management companies In Mumbai . But, you will not be able to judge their professionalism and best option . You will not be able to get the perfect one relevant to your kind of party. Thus, you will be in confusion. After reading this post, you will get a brief about these top event management companies in Mumbai and it will help you in having the perfect one to organize your kind of party.

All of them are capable of handling a good-sized party. You will notice that you are not facing any sorts of hassles about managing thing in your event or party. This is a fact that regular office staff or family can’t handle all the tasks. You need one professional approach in finalizing things in a great way. Role of such agency is vital in case of a good-sized crowd. After all, you just want a perfect organization and these companies are proficient enough in organizing events in a well-manner.

If you are looking for the perfect Event Management Company then you should read our whole post. These companies have worked well for many renowned businessmen for their big parties. You can get one appointed for your upcoming event and get the real benefit of this top 10 event management companies in Mumbai list.

This Mumbai city has many event management companies. To have your work done with full responsibility, you need a decent capability to judge the best one. Every year, few new event management companies are coming in field. Their offered services can be really good for weddings, but they might not handle corporate-level events or product launches. You need a proper classification based on their efficiency level, rates and customer satisfaction. Thus, a list of top 10 event management companies in Mumbai will be really helpful for you. We have smartly selected them in our list and you can trust them because of their abilities.

Top 10 Event Management Companies In Mumbai

Remember, one good selection works well for reducing hassles in your event. We have named this list as a top 10 event management companies in Mumbai because these companies have gained higher customer-satisfaction level among all existing event management companies in Mumbai. You should simply approach to one out of this list to have superb event.

Here is our list of top 10 Event COMPANY :

Percept Limited

Percept Limited is best top 10 event management companies in mumbai Percept Limited has global presence and effectively running in over sixty countries. As they are having international exposure in organizing events for media houses, entertainment giants and advertisement companies, we have included them in this list. This event organizer has worked with many national as well as international brands.

Travel Corporation India Ltd

TCI has been pioneer in organizing tour events. With over 20 offices around the world, Travel Corporation India Ltd has a successful experience in offering destination business services.

Platinum World Group

Platinum is a renowned media house and this company has twelve years experience in Top 10 Event event management companies In Mumbai . Not just in Mumbai, Platinum World Group can offer services internationally too. With a really strong hold in wedding management, this team has remarkable capability of organizing corporate events too.

Seventy Event Media Group

When we are sharing about top 10 event management companies in mumbai , then presence of Seventy Event Media Group in Mumbai can’t be overlooked. This organization has successfully organized several high-profile events. Crowd of Mumbai can’t be easily controlled and one should approach this event organizer for having such event. Well, this company is also operating in many cities of India. Their experience is really big and they do have presence in several other countries.

Dreamz Events N Ideas

Dreamz Events N Ideas exclusively work for wedding parties. This company has been a first choice of many corporate houses too for their events in Mumbai. Big brands like Mercedez benz, Blue Star, Pidilite, Mahindra, Big Bazzar and many more have taken services of this company. Dreamz Events N Ideas is best top 10 event management companies in mumbai .

Sync Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

With more than twelve years experience, Sync Entertainments is another option for you. This versatile event-organizer has experience of organizing all sorts of events including party, fashion show, corporate-events and wedding management.

Brandish Media & Entertainment

Brandish in Mumbai needs no push. Their expertise level has been visible to all in form of many events. Brandish Media & Entertainment offers services including promotion, TV commercial, live-event and corporate functions.


Tafcon is one event organizer which has expertise in industrial exhibitions, conference management and product promotions. In case, you are planning for such an event then this event management company can be a perfect one, especially in Mumbai.

Event Plus Management Pvt. Ltd.

Event Plus Management has good experience in event organization. They have successfully organized shows in Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai too. Certainly, this company deserves a place in top 10 event management companies in Mumbai.

Sound Spirit

This event organizer is working from last ten years and has specialization in organizing concerts, product-promotion events and live shows.

Certainly, all these are far better than several others. You need to chose one suitable for your kind of event!

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Top 10 Event Management Companies In Delhi

Top 10 Event Management Companies In Delhi  - Nowadays, Best event management is no more a jargon to metropolitans in India. Well, it is in Very fashion nowadays. Almost 12 years ago, people were in need of such an agency only in their corporate meetings, seminars Wedding and functions , . Nowadays, you will require one event management company in your wedding party, anniversary party and even birthday parties. Here, we are sharing top 5 event management companies in Delhi list for you. Within five minutes, you will be able to know more about Top great options for event management and this can be really helpful for you

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Why Do You Need The List Of Top 10 Event Management Companies In Delhi ncr ?

Most people in New Delhi have understood the importance of an event organizer in their happy moments. That is why; we can see a big number of such companies. And, the list of event organizers is growing day by day. In case, you are in doubt over their need then this section will help you a lot;

You Can Trust Over Their Abilities

Whenever you are having a big list of guests joining your happiness, you will need a great professionalism regarding the tasks relevant to that party. Certainly, it is not an easy task to organize one good-sized party. There will be many tasks and one person from the family can’t handle them alone. Even a group of family members might face hassles in managing everything as per plan. Thus, one needs such agency to organize everything in a well manner. In Delhi, several event-management companies are offering services for wedding parties, anniversary parties, corporate-level events, award ceremonies etc. Each one of these top 10 event management companies in Delhi is having a big number of experienced professionals who can do your work with full responsibility. Certainly, you can trust over their abilities. If you are living in Delhi and looking for one event Management Company, you should read this whole article.

You can be one of them

Not just the people who are looking for an agency for their parties, will get benefit from this list, it can be really helpful for aspirants too. You might be having a relevant qualification. This list of top 10 event management companies in Delhi will be really helpful for you to decide your goal. Below is a list of top companies in your desired work-field. Approach them and see if they are having a good profile for you. We have also worked for your ease. Of course, you need the best one to have a good career and these are highest earners. Thus, you should also read this whole post!

Top Event Management Companies In New Delhi List

Now, you know that this one post can help you in various ways. Remember, a good selection can really reduce your hassles in organizing your event. Their customer satisfaction level is also good. One should approach one of them to have a great event. So, here is the list:

Cox and Kings Ltd

Corporate-office: Mumbai

Cox and Kings is among the Top 10 Event Management Companies organizers in the country offering a wide range of event related services like shows, presentations and product-launches. The organization was set up nearly 250 years back in 1758.

Creative Inc

Corporate-office: New Delhi

Creative Inc is a main Top 10 event organization in Delhi and this one had good expertise in shows, Trade fairs, presentations and corporate event association. This one is a grant winning event-management organization having incredible asset and ability to make the event superb.

E Factor 

Corporate-office: Noida

E-Factor is a Noida based organizer for several sorts of event types. This one is among the top organizers to local industries in Delhi NCR. It was built up in year 2001, and particularly has an edge in wedding arranging. this is best top 10 event management companies in Delhi

EMC India

Corporate-office: New Delhi

Well, EMC India has been a main player in event organizers in Delhi. Among all the members of this list of top 10 event management companies in Delhi, EMC is the single one which has been tested by us too! This organization composes corporate, wedding and show events.

Innovative Ideaz

Corporate-office: Gurgaon

Innovative Ideaz event management companies in Delhi – Innovative Ideaz was built up in year 2001. It is a professionally recognized brand in event management classification in the country which offers services for different categories.


Corporate-office: New Delhi

Armaans is one professional media agency which has been a big name in Delhi from last several years. This company has capability to cater a big portion of hospitality industry. Armaans primarily focuses in managing TV and films related events.


Corporate-office: New Delhi

Orane Top 10 Event Management Company has been a renowned name in corporate related events. This one is among the top organizers to local industries in Delhi NCR.

Show Makerz

Corporate-office: New Delhi

Showmakerz can be counted as a multi-disciplinary company in Top event management. This company can offer services in Wedding and also corporate events. This event-management company has also worked well in various product launches.

Creativizt Communications

Corporate-office: Mumbai

Creativizt communication has decent expertise in Media services. This event organizer deals in brand management and various corporate events. Creativizt communication can offer services in Wedding and birthday parties.

Lalvis International

Corporate-office: New Delhi

Lalvis International is among few renowned organizers to local industries in Delhi NCR. Lalvis provides services in several domains such as exhibitions, award functions and conference.

Witch Craft

Corporate-office: New Delhi

This event-management agency offers services for all kinds of events including corporate, wedding, seminar event, conference and product launches. Witch Craft has done several events in these categories and their clients have always been satisfied with their prompt services.

Hence, these were the top 10 event management companies in Delhi. We hope that this post will be really helpful in solving your purpose and you will be able to chose one great agency. Remember, a good selection can really reduce your hassles. We have created this list of top ten on the basis of available reviews from their clients so that you can get the best advice from us.

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List Of Top Pharmaceutical Companies In Mumbai

Pharmaceutical Companies – Medical world is grooming on daily basis. Every year, several companies are coming in the market and their growth rate is also good. If you are looking for the highlighted companies in the category of Pharmaceutical Companies in Mumbai then this post has Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Mumbai for you. We have evaluated a big list of companies on many parameters and created this list for you. Have a look:

Top Top Pharmaceutical Companies In Mumbai


This one is a pretty known brand for Indians. Cipla has its corporate office in Mumbai. With annual turnover of 1.4 billion dollars, this pharmaceutical company is efficiently caring its clients and over 20 thousands employees. This name reminds many of us our childhood. Well, Cipla has been in the business from years. Being in the top ten companies in this category, this pharmaceutical company has always given priority to quality ingredients. And, this is the basic reason behind such a huge success.

GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

This company has its corporate office in London. With over 97000 employees, GlaxoSmithKline has an international presence. Their business in Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Healthcare and Vaccines has a turnover of 340 Billion Dollars. Vision behind this company is really powerful and they always look for growth in various ways. With their successful unit in Mumbai, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals has efficiently cared their clients and employees. That is why; this is in the list of Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Mumbai.


This international brand has its presence in every tenth house of this country. In last ten years, every Indian home has used their product. Bayer has its corporate office in Leverkusen, Germany. Success of this pharmaceutical company hugely relies over the strength of 111000 Employees. This renowned German brand has an annual turnover of 46 billion dollars. Bayer has covered a successful journey of many years and this is among top rankers in the pharmacy field. Certainly, this pharmaceutical company deserves a place in the top 10 companies list.

Johnson & Johnson

With over 118000 employees, Johnson and Johnson has been a renowned brand in Indian pharmaceuticals business. This company has corporate office in New Jersey. Every household in Mumbai has used its products in last few decades. This pharmaceuticals company has annual turnover of 65 billion dollars.  Perhaps, no list-maker can drop this company name while making a list of Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Mumbai. Hence, we have also added its name in this list.

Lupin Limited

This company has corporate office within our Mumbai. This company has adequate product to offer and it has been doing it from its starting day. Lupin Limited has turnover of one billion dollars. Being in the top ten companies in this category, this pharmaceutical company has always given priority to quality ingredients. Its employee strength is over ten thousand. Success of this pharmaceutical company enormously relies over this employee-strength and the desire of innovation.


Novartis Company has worked pretty well in protecting and improving health of Indian. This one has corporate office in Basel, Switzerland. Pharmaceuticals business world has always valued this company. With an annual turnover of 59 billion dollars, this company has retained a reputation as one prime-source of medicine for this country. Well, this company does have a big-sized team of 119000 employees to win the battle for its position in this Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Mumbai. This company has been within the country since 1947. This pharmaceutical company operates in four entities.  One of these entities has been listed within the Stock-Exchange of Mumbai. Second one is Sandoz and third one is Novartis Healthcare. You must have heard these two. The fourth entity is Chiron-Behring Vaccine.

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Sun has corporate office in Vadodara. It has employees over 11200. This company has approximately 80% of business setup in the country and the United States of America.  This company has given years formed several joint-ventures with many renowned companies across India which has really helped common people in a great way. Their viable reach to masses has offered an outstanding treatment. With latest technologies in medical science, Sun Pharmaceutical has gained trust of millions across the country.

Ipca Laboratories Ltd

Ipca has corporate office in Mumbai. With over 300 million dollars annual turnover, this company deserves place in this list of Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Mumbai. This Pharmaceutical Company has over 8000 employees. This company has retained a good status as one reputed source of medicine for India. Every Indian household has used its products. In last few decades, Ipca has achieved a better growth rate. With every passing year, they are adding new products to service mankind.

Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Laboratories has corporate office in North Chicago. With over 38 billion dollars annual turnover, this company deserves place in this list. This company has employee strength of 90000. This pharmaceutical company has always given priority to quality ingredients. Every household within Mumbai has used products from Abbott. This one has raised its standard every year by offering new products and better quality level. Their line of pharmaceutical-products encircles life by addressing health needs from infancy. Abbott Laboratories is famous for its inventive items and their commitment for leading technologies to move on care for general public. Abbott has formulated product to preserve their reputation for good quality and best performance.

Piramal Healthcare Ltd.

Within Mumbai, Pharmaceutical Company has its corporate office. Its team size is just over 3000, but the annual turnover is over 670 million dollars. This company has offices over thirty countries. Not just this, its products are having market in over hundred countries. The expertise in formulating great solutions has made them an international brand. Hence, we have also given place to this company in the list of Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Mumbai.

Well, this one was the list of top 10 companies. Each of these pharmaceutical companies is having a great level of customer satisfaction and a better growth rate of annual turnover. Hopefully, we have accomplished the purpose behind making this list by the real toppers.


List Of Telemarketing Companies In India

Telemarketing Companies – E-commerce is spreading its wings on a speedy rate. Customers are increasingly conscious of preferred product’s features well before its purchase. With the growing demand, every year one new telemarketing company is coming for offering their services. Well, this has also bounded existing companies to offer better solutions for their daily customers and higher quality of offered services. Among all these telemarketing companies, following top 10 telemarketing companies in India are having the bigger part of this business. To enable digital journey of their customers in a more prominent way, every other business is now taking assistance of these companies.

Top 10 Telemarketing Companies In India


Tata consultancy Services Company is the full name of TCS and this company is having their presence in Telemarketing sector from last eight years. TCS is having over 150 centers in India and abroad. All the metro cities of India are having one TCS center. TCS has emerged as a pioneer in this sector. This company has quite a lot of awards. Their ongoing projects are having several business houses as their partner. Not just private sector, TCS has several government projects too. Thus, this company really deserves place number one in this list.

Wipro BPO

Wipro has a decent reputation in several fields. Wipro BPO really deserves second position in this list. In more than ten countries, this telemarketing company is serving remarkably well from last ten years. Wipro BPO was started in 2002 and this has been part of several renowned projects of Indian government. Wipro BPO has earned a well-known name in this sector. A number of renowned brands are having customer-care services with Wipro BPO and this company is offering remarkable services to them.


Next name in this list of top 10 telemarketing companies in India is of Genpact. Genpact was started in India as one process of GE capital in 1997. We are having this company in the list of top 10, because of their high level of quality in all offered services. They are having 30 centers with thousands of expert employees. This company has several business excellence awards from many renowned Indian groups for the quality of work.

Aegis BPO Services Limited

With the support of over 40,000 employees, this company is having a decent place in the list of prominent telemarketing companies. This company has its presence in 43 cities in nine countries. Their steady growth and gradually improved quality in every financial year have been the reasons behind this position. Their team is having experience of projects from over 100 clients across different business sectors. Well, this company, Aegis BPO Services has a good chance to be the number one company in this sector.

WNS Global Services

By having worldwide presence, WNS Global Services is a promising telemarketing network. It has offices in several countries all around the world. This company has projects in several sectors. WNS has exposure of serving quality work in diverse sectors. This company’s power to facilitate their clients to smash market-conditions stems from their key differentiators in specific domain, technology and client-centric approach.

FirstSource Solutions

In this list of top 10 telemarketing companies in India, FirstSource Solutions also deserves a place. This company is one emerging telemarketing company and it has a decent growth-rate. Well, they are having regular 10% improvement to last financial-year. Focus on Banking Services, Telecommunications, Insurance, Publishing and Healthcare sectors has enabled this company to extend benefits for their clients. With the strength of over 20,000 employees, this telemarketing company is growing every year and also grabbing good projects from world-wide know business houses.

IBM Daksh

IBM Daksh is next in this list and certainly, not less than any of the above shared companies. With the rapidly growing impact in Indian market, IBM Daksh is also emerging in the International business platform. They are having a quite reasonable presence in India by having offices in four prominent cities of India. Several renowned brands are having their customer care services with this company and this telemarketing company is offering quality services to their clients.

Aditya Birla Minacs

Well, you have noticed this company’s name on 8th position in this list of top 10 telemarketing companies in India. We have noticed that Aditya Birla Minacs is growing with a decent speed. Over 12,000 employees and presence in several Indian cities, this initiative by Aditya Birla Group is growing by gaining projects in private as well as public sector.

Infosys BPO

Infosys BPO got its place on the 9th number in this list. Well, Infosys is a world-famous brand in software, but their BPO part is gleaming in a slow pace. It is having presence since 2002. And, this company is far better than several known names in this category of telemarketing category. Still, we found that eight other companies have performed far better within the same period or even in less time.

Accenture India

Accenture is the brand having their remarkable presence in the world of software. But, this company is also growing in the category of telemarketing. Accenture has offices in more than ten cities of India. With a big sized team, they are having several projects from international brands. In our list of top 10 telemarketing companies in India, Accenture India is on the last position.

We have created this list after analyzing released reports, online-presence and reviews posted by their clients. Well, this list can be helpful to many of our readers. In case, you are a business leader and looking for a good telemarketing company then all these having several offered services, please contact. Many of these telemarketing companies are growing every year and also grabbing mega projects from known business houses. In case, you are looking for a career in this business sector then go with your resume to these companies. All these top 10 telemarketing companies in India are having superb growth rate! Perhaps, you may find on-going recruitment in them. Give yourself a chance!


List Of Top Network Marketing Companies In India

Network Marketing Companies  With the help of this post, I would like to share about multi-level marketing In India. Well, most of us know this type company as MLM . In this sort of business model, products of a company are marketed with the help of a network of promoters. The core way of promotion is “Word of Mouth” marketing.

In this post, I will be sharing about Top 10 Network Marketing Companies In India Most of these Network Marketing Companies companies have a set of rules regarding formation of these networks and one promoter needs to produce down-line promoters. Thus, one whole network looks like one pyramid. When any of the promoters generated a sale, its benefit will also go to other promoters in the pyramid shaped network. Of course, not all will earn from that sold product. But, many will gain some sort of advantage for their business. Thus, one such multi-level marketing network benefits many people within a single sale.

* Event management company In Delhi 
*Event management company In Mumbai 

What Is So Attractive About Multi-Level Marketing?

Well, I have just told you that one sale throws benefit to many people. Hence, that sort of passive income attracts many for joining one multi-level marketing network. Not just this, sales promoters will also get reward for the growth of network below his name. You can earn a huge sum by maintaining a really big sized network in your down-line if your members are active enough to gain better business for the company. After meeting several promoters in these List of Top Network Marketing Companies In India , I have noticed that good amount of sales generated within the network of down line promoters, better level of payment structure and amazing earning opportunity are three core reasons which attract people for joining these companies. My research regarding attractive points about these networks yielded following key factors:

  • Chance to make unlimited income
  • Capacity to build up residual income
  • Liberty to work from anywhere anytime
  • Small cost for the start-up
  • Ready-made system for effective operation

Why Should You Be Alert About Scams In Multi-Level Marketing?

This one is certainly a hot business as there are lots of companies. And, there profit making concepts are really attractive. But, there are chances of real scams too. Most of them are having big tendency to promote, their concept as fastest way of moneymaking along with guaranteed potential to make better returns on your investment. You might get impressed as you can make huge profits. Well, many of these companies are having unproven promises. They are just running money-circulation program. In the sector of Multi-Level Marketing, there is no legitimate authorized entity to keep eye on running MLM programs in India. On the other hand, these companies are having number of services or products that are worthless to promoters. I will advise you to take this business seriously and think twice before putting your hard-earned capital. Of course, they are not asking for huge investment. Still, you should only invest that much you can afford to lose. Well, you can find great programs to join by scrolling down to this post regarding List of Top Network Marketing Companies In India . This will be really helpful for you. And, I have shared this post only after understanding this fact: 97% of promoters related to MLM companies end-up as failure. I have considered reliability as well as steadiness factor while creating this list. All these MLM companies are really popular in our country. If you are working hard within the network of any of these, then you can really have an extra-source of regular income. Undoubtedly, everyone can be self-employed person and everyone can make huge money through the good use of their time. Multi-Level Marketing is a great medium to make substantial residual income. Yes, you can be your boss by giving a good time and really hard work within these networks.

List Of Top 10 MLM Companies In India

All these companies listed below provide you necessary setup. And, this can really lower down cost of setup for any business. In any regular business, you might need to put a huge some to have the startup model. MLM is the best way to have own business because these networks offer ready infrastructure. You can be good earner if you put your hard work after developing one action-plan as per the guidance of your sponsor. Certainly, you need to stick with that plan too. None of these networks ask for specific qualification and this factor offers chance to everyone. You just need to know each and every fact about their plans, services and products. Following are  List of Top Network Marketing Companies In India 

  • AAROH Distribution
  • Balaji Multi Services
  • Modicare
  • Dewsoft Overseas
  • Cander Bio
  • Tupperware
  • FMIA Marketing
  • HLM Retail
  • Gurussr
  • Amway

What Is The Future of Multi-Level Marketing In India?

Most of these multi-level network companies offer Domestic-goods product and HealthCare in India. If you are interested in setting up low-cost business then this list of List of Top Network Marketing Companies In India  can be really help you. MLM is one real business accepted worldwide by entrepreneurs who are having huge experience of business operation. People like Robert kiyosaki, have appreciated multi-level marketing concept for various reasons. As this sort of business requires low cost and the existing system really helps in making money, experts are appreciating it.  By working collectively to encourage one elegant service or product, members of a great network can really earn handsome amount in an easy manner. You just need to convince people for ordering that product or service. In India, Multi-level marketing is growing in a fast speed. As there is not regulatory board for this sort of business, there are fraud companies. Still, multi-level marketing business has been maturing with plenty of new companies and better plans.  List of Top Network Marketing Companies In India  with exclusive concepts are gradually becoming influential system attracting plenty of people. You just need to be alert and active to fulfill your dream of being self-employed and with any of these companies, it is really possible.

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